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This month we welcome Jenny Schwartz (author of the Interstellar Sheriff series) to the blog! 

 Did you know that western movies were once called "horse operas"? That piece of trivia helped inspire my Interstellar Sheriff series. I wanted to go on a grand adventure on the galactic frontier. My characters got to go in my place. It's crazy and fun, and at times, scarily intense. I think everyone should have an artificial intelligence as their guardian angel/best friend. "Space Baby" has just released, and is the final book in the series. 

Four years ago, Thelma Bach thought she’d lost everything when she was exiled to the Saloon Sector. She was wrong. Life on the frontier has given her the galaxy’s best—if sometimes most stubborn—husband, the cutest ever baby boy, an adolescent AI who thinks of Thelma as her mom, and the most loyal, loving and meddlesome group of family and friends anyone could wish for. 
But when her son’s life is threatened, Thelma’s perfect world comes crashing down. 
The galaxy will learn that there’s no force in the universe as powerful as a mother determined to save her child. The Badstars will tremble. Murderous truths will be revealed. And one special baby will find his voice. “Ma?”

Space Baby:

 A millennium into the future, the Saloon Sector is where the Wild West meets the 1950s, in space, with robots. It’s where careers go to die.


Thelma Bach graduated top of her class after four years at the Galactic Justice academy. But she’s a Rock Sector citizen. The core worlders were never going to let her transcend her background. So she’s been assigned to serve her seven years as a deputy in the Saloon Sector. The message for the Federation’s out-world citizens is clear: you’ll never be our equal, so don’t even try.

The stuffy bureaucrats of the Galactic Justice service chose the wrong person to push around. Thelma will subvert her interstellar sheriff, charm artificial intelligences, fight bandits and hunt the legendary Eldorado Cache. But with the frontier region holding secrets of its own, she needs to choose her new allies wisely because a scary, business-suited enemy is hunting her.

“Space Deputy” is a fast-paced, offbeat space adventure.

Space Deputy:

After a varied career working as an alien spacecraft engineer, a time traveler and a cryptid wrangler – and since no one would believe her stories were true – Jenny Schwartz now self-identifies as a novelist. She lives in Australia and her hobbies include earworm hexing and chocolate connoisseurship.

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